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From my studies on sign language. 2013


From my studies on sign language. 2013


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Leer - As Cool As An Attempted Suicide
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I will burn this Shell away 
So I can’t think of these days 
Everyone is going away 
It’s always been the same 
There are a million reenactments pounding in my head 
As each one ends another part of me sheds 
I just want to rest my head 
I want out but a method will never appear 
I want out 
Can you help me find a way out of here 
I have to step forward but I can’t look back 
Can you help me step forward 
Help me 
Don’t look back 
Don’t ever look back 
I am the skinless son 
I am your skinless son

My boys.


some homiesq

Brandon is my man crush & once got lost in his eyes on a drive to Seattle once.


heres an important thing I feel like I should point out: this song was originally titled “as cool as an attempted suicide can be,” but it was sort of miscommunicated. I just feel the need to make it clear that its not our intent to make light of a very real situation, it’s named in regards to the nets being installed under the golden gate bridge, and how cool that is, but only as cool as an attempted suicide could possibly be… I dunno, thats an important distinction to me, maybe im crazy. thanks for the support everyone